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If you always struggle to find the perfect present for something that's not that easy to buy for, why not get them a Brighton Birdcage Gift Voucher. They will then have the choice to buy something fabulous and what they really want. We sell Drag Queen and Crossdresser wigs, Styled Wigs, Drag Make-up, Drag and Crossdresser dresses, High heel shoes for men, Jewellery and Breastplates for both Drag Queens, and Crossdressers/Trans. We also have Hip-Pads, Handbags, Lashes, Drag queen Fans, Clip-on Earrings (great for Drag) and Shades. Don't waste any more time looking for something, just buy them a gift card today.

The perfect gift for any Drag Queen, Trans or Crossdresser (m2f)