W7 Power Puff


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Listed in Make up

For concealing, contouring and blending
A cute teardrop-shaped sponge for your makeup kit, this little pink treasure is a fabulous multitasker! It’s free of latex and so won’t irritate your skin and can be used to blend foundation, blushers, highlighters and contour creams. The W7 Powder Puff ensures that you achieve the perfect finish every time so that you can quickly glow and go! Best used when damp, this sponge is one accessory that you won’t ever want to be without. Go on! Try it, because we guarantee you will be tickled pink with your results! Ideal for Drag Queens and Crossdressers


Blends concealer, foundation and blusher
Contours colour
How to Use

Dampen the sponge
Squeeze out excess water
Blend your makeup
Clean in soapy water and reuse