E Cup colour 1 Breastplate


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Listed in Body Shaping (Over 16 Only)

We are delighted to stock one of the newest breastplate designs on the market today

It's ideal for Drag queens, Crossdressers and Trans

Being made from 100% food grade silicone has many advantages over the oil based silicone normally used.

It’s soft to touch, odourless, tasteless and non-toxic.

It’s non oil based stops it from getting greasy, which mean it will not mark any fabrics or clothing that you wear over them.

With its extremely realistic skin tone and thin edge on the neck, shoulder and waist, makes it stand out from other products of its kind. It has the neck included which can be trimmed if you would prefer to have a lower cut.

It’s filled with elastic cotton which makes it much lighter than a liquid, therefore much more comfortable to wear. It's made from an amazingly elastic material, making it incredibly stretchy and therefore a lot easier to put on and take off without tearing it, unlike other products on the market.

This breastplate will not fade or stain and is super easy to look after. It comes in 6 different colours and we stock  D, E and G cup.

How to look after your breastplate

Clean in warm water with a mild soap, always allow to air dry or very gently use a towel. Do not put in the washing machine and keep away from chemical materials, hot temperatures and strong sunlight.

Also keep it away from sharp objects too.

This product is easy dyeing, please wash separately from other clothing.

Use talcum powder to keep it dry and store in a plastic bag and box in a cool place.